Worship Guitar Bible Study Sessions – START HERE

Welcome to the Propel Mentorship!   If you are a beginning guitar player, this is the place to start your mentorship.  Each week you will do a Bible study and build your skill as a new guitar player. Next, you will review and move toward more intermediate guitar techniques in Modern Worship Guitar 1 and 2. … Read more

Modern Worship Guitar 2

Level: Intermediate Includes techniques to take you to the next level like syncopation, palm mute, the flip, finger picking and more!You should be able to play a few of your open chords like G, C, D and E minor before you start this book. You can learn those beginner techniques in the the first course. … Read more

Modern Worship Guitar 1

Level: BEGINNER You do not need previous experience to complete this course.  In the Propel mentorship track, I suggest that you start with the Worship Guitar Bible Study program.  Then, you can go through the review sessions in this course and move forward to learn some more chords.   If you feel comfortable with your 4 … Read more