YouTube Song Sessions 2020

Welcome! Take a few of my popular YouTube session lesson sessions right here free! These are songs that are divided into easy sessions and include handwritten lesson charts.

Moveable Chords Private Lesson Session

Learn how to play those pesky barre chords and moveable shapes. This in an intermediate level session. You should already know ALL of you open chords and be comfortable strumming and playing songs. With the invention of the capo, barre chords can easily be avoided but someday when you think “I wish I could play … Read more

Acoustic Guitar Webinar Playbacks

This is a set of webinar playbacks and charts for the WTK members. They are some of my favorite sessions that were recorded in past sessions. Includes topics: Picking for worship songs, Intro to Picking, Strumming and Rhythm, 4 Chords for Worship, and more.