Piano Strumming Method

I’m bringing the concept of strumming patterns to the piano.  When you listen to radio music, or any popular music from the past 75 years, you can hear a rhythmic style in the piano that sounds similar to a strumming pattern.  When you first hear the piano, you don’t immediately think about strumming, but when … Read more

YouTube Song Sessions 2020

Welcome! Take a few of my popular YouTube session lesson sessions right here free! These are songs that are divided into easy sessions and include handwritten lesson charts.

Progression Sessions

There are some progressions and patterns that happen over and over again in modern pop music.  In these special sessions, you will learn these popular progression in two different keys and play along with the guitar and drum tracks.  Completing these exercises will prepare you to start playing along with a real band.  We will … Read more

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Worship Guitar Challenge – 10 Videos (92 minutes) Quickly learn your first 4 chords in this fast paces, easy-to-follow, 30 day lesson session which takes you from complete beginner to begin able to play any 4 chord worship song with simple patterns.   How to hold the guitar using perfect posture making it easy … Read more

Worship Guitar Bible Study Leader Access

This course pack includes all of the assets you need to facilitate a group class including links to the high definition video lessons, bible study sessions and special leader tip videos made to help you each week.

Essential Beginner Electric Guitar for Worship

Intermediate Level Course:  Learn all of the foundations of becoming a great electric guitar player… Tone, Swells, Chords, PowerChords, Scales, Solos, Bending, Pull-offs, slides, palm mutes, and other techniques to make you really confident in playing electric guitar for the worship band. Prerequisites: You should at least know your basic open chords on guitar or … Read more

Modern Worship Piano Lessons

Level: BEGINNER This is a great place to start learning the piano using chords and charts.  You do not need previous experience to complete this course! Major Focus of this Course:  Learn your major and minor chords in the key of C and start putting them together to play songs using new skills to play … Read more