Modern Worship Guitar 1

You do not need previous experience to complete this course.  In the Propel mentorship track, I suggest that you start with the Worship Guitar Bible Study program.  Then, you can go through the review sessions in this course and move forward to learn some more chords.  

If you feel comfortable with your 4 chords and some simple strumming, I suggest that you practice a few more songs in the 10 Song Catapult or the GOLD song sessions.  Just pick some songs in the easy section and have some fun.

Major Focus of This Course: 
Learn your major and minor chords in the key of G and D plus some great starting strumming patterns.  You will start putting them together to play songs.

I will be teaching you how to play all of the chords in G and D without using barre chords!  This will give you a modern sound and a beginners advantage!

Includes: 20 Videos / 85 Minutes