Propel Worship Leadership Sessions

When you step up to a leadership position you must be willing to accept all aspects of that role.  There is no time to point fingers or passing blame to others.  God has put you in a unique position of leadership within your church and He will also provide the wisdom, tools, and success you need to grow your church and bring glory to His name.  First, you have to accept the challenge and dig deep to find the success that you long for (musically and spiritually).

Intentional and continual training within your church is the number one way to achieve a strong and healthy worship ministry.  Success starts at the leadership level. It is important to create and implement a plan for success. 

During the 9 sessions, we focus on building strong teams, creating boundaries, and leading worship well every week. 

This is an ongoing session and new videos and assets are added each month. See below for the current list of lesson available right now.