Online Worship Leader Mentorship

Do you want to lead worship, grow your team, have less stress, and find amazing success as a worship leader in the local church?   


I invite you to join the online Propel Worship mentorship.  It is the only online mentorship program available for learning the spiritual and technical aspects of music and leading worship from the WTK team.  Right now you can start by watching the videos and courses on guitar, biblical worship, vocals, team development, worship leading and more!  Everyone is welcome!

We teach in the studio and in the church the following topics:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Music Theory 
  • Musicianship
  • Vocals 
  • Biblical Worship 
  • How to Lead Worship 
  • How to Lead People 
  • Worship Audio Technology 
  • How to Grow Your Church and Worship Team

I show you the behind the scenes life and work of real worship leaders working every day, leading worship each week, and working to build stronger teams and musicians in the local church