Success is within reach.

Worship Leader Mentorship

Through guided courses and a thriving new social community, I’ll help you on your journey through a unique personalized online worship leader mentorship.  Learn to lead worship well and grow a strong worship team in your church.  From playing and singing to building and training your band and tech team, Propel will equip you for effective ministry and help you create a great future. 

Livestream Bootcamp

Listening back to your weekly livestream can be horrifying.  I can help you change that forever!  We will work together during the 90 day bootcamp to setup the correct flow and train a team of mix volunteers so your livestream mix can sound professional every single week.  We will work with your current equipment or make minor upgrades so you can begin to mix well and your livestream quality can sound polished and amazing. 

Eric Roberts has a great program. I know this is going to be used by God and I think your church can benefit from it.
Jason "Bubba" Stewart
Kentucky Baptist Music & Worship Consultant
“My daughter has been energized about learning the guitar. This course has given her a purpose… Now she’s looking at it and saying “ahh there is an end goal out in front of me! There is a song I’m going to learn how to play!” You’ve done a great job of packing it in a way that gives people an end goal in addition to following a calling that God has put in their heart to lead worship.”
Chris Orr
Worship Leader at Beech Haven Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia
“We added 6 new musicians and leaders to our church worship teams. Aimee and I can’t thank you enough for offering the classes and assistance that you do through Worship the King. Our journey began a little over two years ago with the 30-day challenge and today, we not only lead our team, here at church but have had the privilege of sharing what we’ve learned with others.”
Rob and Aimee Wuethrich
Lead Pastors at Bentley Creek Wesleyan Church in Gillett, PA