Propel Worship Mission

  • Help current or aspiring worship leaders become masters in all aspects of worship leading including the creative and mechanical aspects of leading worship and leading others in the worship ministry area in a local church.
  • Assist worship leaders in implementing the Propel Worship system to grow their local ministry and church
  • Create a vibrant community where worship leaders can connect, grow, and thrive.

Meet your Propel Mentors

After a radical conversion to Christ as a teenager, Eric began learning to lead worship in his local youth group.  After earning a Bachelor of Music Education, he continued serving for many years as a staff worship pastor. 

Together, Eric and Emily have led worship, trained teams, published books, and taught seminars to help the local church build strong worship ministries.  With more than 800 video tutorials and over 18,000 YouTube subscribers, they have spent 2 decades teaching people to learn fast, play well, and worship always.

Why listen to me?

Part of My Story:

I started my journey by meeting Christ on a hill in my backyard when my friend let me to Christ using the little yellow 4 Spiritual Laws gospel tract. I was 17 years old. I joined the local church youth group and was mentored to lead worship by a few amazing youth leaders. A few years later I began leading worship for the big church. After graduating from university with a BA in Music Education I began my journey into full time ministry where I developed and optimized systems to train and grow my worship teams.  In 2000 I released my first book and began since then have published over 1,000 training videos in courses and on my YouTube channel!  It’s the foundation for the new online mentorship where I help you achieve success in your ministry.  

Implementing the Propel methods in the real world:

I recently helped my home church in Nashville, TN grow from one worship team to a full four band rotating worship ministry with a youth band and a full volunteer tech team. During the days of the pandemic I built and led the technical team as we began our journey to live stream our services. We now stream each week to Facebook and Youtube and our tech team is run completely by volunteers.

Using Propel Worship techniques and the Worship Band Builder training platform our worship ministry team at the Church at the Spring Hill has grown steadily over the past 18 months. Our team consists of over 30% of our church, making it the largest ministry area in the church.

The things we have done at our church this past few years can be done at any church. It’s now easier than ever to duplicate my success because I’ve created the road map and compiled the training and tools you need to build your worship ministry.