PROPEL Worship Mission

  • Help current or aspiring worship leaders become effective at leading worship in any setting.
  • Assist worship leaders in implementing the Propel Worship Leadership system to grow their teams and lead thriving ministries in their local area.¬†
  • Create a vibrant community where worship leaders can connect and thrive.

Your Propel Worship Mentor 

Eric Michael Roberts has a BA in Music Education and is a graduate from the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology.  Eric is the lead technician for the Nashville, TN Apex team.  Eric is also a fanatical educator, author, and trainer in the piano technology field with over a half a million views on the APTN YouTube training videos.  In 2009 he wrote and published the popular Rapid Voicer training book/video series with Dr. Jack Hamilton which is being used across the world to help technicians understand and perform field voicing.  Eric also designed the SHARK tuning hammer which is the first carbon fiber tuning hammer to use unique weight distribution to make the tuning process faster and easier.  Eric’s tools are being used by technicians all over the world including Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Canada, Poland, Czechia, Switzerland, Norway, Cyprus, Taiwan and Hawaii.   The SHARK was recently seen on an episode of the Nextflix series The First (with Sean Penn) when a piano technician was cast as extra in the episode.  In 2019, Eric relocated to Nashville, TN where he is currently training 2 more technicians to serve artists, studios, and families in Music City