Mentorship Categories

Here you will find the main categories in the Propel Worship Leadership Mentorship.  They are video lessons and clips (some in church from the stage and some in the studio) to help you learn all of the aspects of leading worship well.  

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Acoustic Guitar

Once you can play a few chords and strumming patterns, you can use our songbooks and easy charts to successfully lead worship for small groups, youth group, and even the big church! The foundations courses will help you get started and gain the confidence you need to become a part of the worship ministry in your church and community. Go to posts.See all posts in this category.


Singing is one of the most powerful things we do as worshipers. Joining the worship team and leading with your voice takes skill, talent, and practice. We help you learn the most important things including how to warm up, how to sing in the right keys, and how to be a part of the worship team so you can have success as a worship vocalist and use your gifts for God. See all posts in this category.

Leading Worship

It’s just a few moments before the service begins and you feel at peace.  You have prepared yourself and the team around you for the worship service.  Song lists, transitions, key changes… it all comes together and you lead worship with confidence and God can use you in those moments.  See all posts in this category.


Intentional and continual training within your church is the number one way to achieve a strong and healthy worship ministry.  Success starts at the leadership level. It is important to create and implement a plan for success.  See all posts in this category.

Biblical Worship

Why do we worship?  Why is your role as a lead worshiper important?  We will explore the biblical role of music and worship in your life and those in your church or group.  A foundation of Biblical perspective is the key to leading worship well and thriving in your relationship with God and your role as a worship leader. See all posts in this category.

Worship Tech

Learn the basics of signal flow, audio system setup, and live audio mixing. There are a lot of wires and buttons, but when you understand how they go together you can be an excellent sound tech for your church. Let the stress melt away as you grow in skill and confidence. See all posts in this category.

Music Theory

Don’t be shaking in your boots the next time you have to transpose a song before rehearsal. Understanding music theory is the first step in gaining confidence as a musician. I absolutely loved music theory classes in college because I started seeing patterns that helped me make sense of how music worked. Once I show you key patterns and memory points, you will become a competent and confident musician. See all posts in this category.