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Do you feel called to sing on the worship team?  Singing on the worship team can be intimidating, but it is also one of the most amazing things you can do.  We will help you gain the confidence you need in these special vocal sessions.  If you pick the wrong key to sing, forget to warm up, or try to sing at church for the wrong reasons, things can go wrong fast!  These vocal sessions will help lay a solid foundation so you can be used on your local worship team.  These session are a solid mix of vocal philosophy and usable exercises make you a confident worship vocalist. 

Includes 5 foundational lessons on becoming a worship vocalist and a team player by Eric and Emily Roberts.

  1. Vocal Health
  2. Vocal Mechanics
  3. Vocal Preparation
  4. Vocal Performance
  5. Being a Team Player as a worship vocalist
  6. Focus Session:  Worship Vocalist Tips 

Foundation Focus Sessions: Worship Vocalists Tips with Eric and Emily Roberts

Foundation Focus Session: Lead Worship Your First Time with Eric and Emily Roberts

PLUS! Learn how to warm up and get special warm up resources plus use the video Range Finder sessions to discover your vocal range and learn to sing in the keys and ranges that make you sound awesome every time. There is no need to strain your voice and Eric teaches you how to find your range and optimize your songs for your best vocal sound.