Philosophy of Training

Training is important and it does a lot of things for your people and your church!

Training prepares people for ministry.  it prepares people to use their gifts for the body.  People in your church are looking for a place to belong and to get involved.  Music training creates an open door for people to get involved and stay involved.  Being mentored and trained by my youth group mentors as a young Christian and a musician changed my life.  It all started in a small church with a few dedicated volunteers that poured into my life.  When people get involved and begin using their talents in your church they tend to stay in the community.  They stay in the church.  

People need to be encouraged to use their gifts in the church.  People need someone to believe in the and to encourage them to get involved.  It can be the pastor, a board member, the worship leader, or a volunteer on your team.  You must be intentional to open the door to them and invite them into the ministry.  Using foundational music training is a great place to start.  Your next worship leader and band members are sitting in your church pews right now.  Opening this door and encouraging them to get in solved will open up a huge amount of good possibilities for your people and it can help the church, as a whole, grow and thrive.  Instead of putting out ads and hiring people from the outside, I encourage you to begin training within and help people in your church grow and be useful in ministry.  
Using foundational techniques, I created three full bands that were rotating in my worship ministry in my last church.  These bands were all completely volunteer and they were all growing and thriving in worship ministry.  

Continual training is very important
For a large church or for a small church, the problem is the same…. You will always need new people and that means you will always have to be continually training.  This type of training will grow your church overall and will strengthen your church.