More Tools for Training

Becoming a great musician does not happen over night.  We provide people a foundational training to get the start they need and build their skills.  It takes many years to become a highly skilled musician.  But there are many different skill levels that can be used in worship ministry.  There are different opportunities for people at all skill levels in ministry.  There are some lower skill level opportunities and you can use our tools to get people started fast and help them grow over time to become a really useful part of your worship ministry.  

Tool #1 – Worship Foundations 
These are foundational lesson sets that help people start their journey the right way and learn the basics and beyond to become a part of the worship ministry.  Our modules include Guitar, Voice, Piano, Keyboard, Drums, Bass, Sound, Lights, Video and Leadership!  Once your church has purchased access to a module, each individual can enroll in WTK and will gain access to all of the church’s purchased modules.

Tool #2 – Play and Sing Songbooks 
These songbooks make it very easy to take 4 simple chords and play many songs.  They are simple to follow and can be used to lead worship on Sunday morning, in a small group, in a youth group, or while doing street ministry.  These songbooks are crucial to helping a new musician grow confident and helps them become a better player as they add more and more songs to their list of wins!    This tools can take the most basic player and turn them into a very efficient and useful worship leader for any occasion.

Tool #3 – Online Songs and Techniques (WTK Courses) 
As you grow through foundations you can sign up for other courses and song packs on the WTK site.  Our song lesson and courses go much further than foundation and all courses can be purchased ala carte by individuals.

Tool #4 – WTK Membership 
This is a great online community where subscribers can access special content, lessons, webinars, masters classes, resources, and downloads.  Individuals can also take advantage of personal help by submitting their videos for feedback and audition assistance.  Members can get the feedback they need to understand if they are ready for an audition with the worship team and they can get the individual help they need to overcome some of the hurdles along the way as they aspire to join your worship team and become a useful part of the worship ministry.

Tool #5 – YouTube Channel 
There are hundreds of FREE lessons on the WTK YouTube channel.  Every week I am uploading more free videos and lessons.  The WTK blog has many of the charts and downloads that go along with these YouTube videos.  Subscribe at